Gain visibility, clarity, connection (and peace of mind) when it comes to your business - and your personal brand.

The Invisible to Invincible podcast with award-winning marketing expert and author Kendra Losee is specifically designed for executives, business owners, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and even frazzled misfits who are feeling overwhelmed.
Learn how to stop playing small and position yourself as the go-to expert in your industry.

Your host, Kendra Losee, brings over 20 years of marketing and branding expertise to the podcast. She knows visibility inside out, from shaping strategies for major household brands to helping launch startups.

In addition, Kendra is a former social media marketing professor and the author of Digital Etiquette for Dummies, making her uniquely qualified to be your guide to all things marketing and branding.

Today, Kendra combines marketing expertise with transformative mindset coaching. She works closely with coaches, consultants, agencies, and thought leaders to help spotlight their genius and amplify their authority.

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